2023 Q2 Deposit Bonus Promotion

Duration: April 1st, 2023 - June 30th, 2023 (Server Time)

Applicable Products: Forex, Gold, Silver, and Crude Oil

Deposit Bonus Eligibility:

A deposit bonus can be applied for by depositing a minimum of $250 in a single trading account.

Bonus calculation: Amount deposited × 10%.

Required trading lots for bonus withdrawal is calculated as the bonus amount × 25%.

Detailed Instructions:

1.This deposit bonus is applicable for STD/STP/ECN accounts. However, for ECN accounts, the bonus ratio is the standard ratio × 25%, and the required trading lot is unchanged.

2.The deposit bonus can offset losses and can be withdrawn.

3.If a new client applies for a deposit bonus in the opening month, the deposit amount less than $1000 can enjoy 20% of the bonus ratio (this ratio × 25% for ECN accounts); the upper limit for a single application for the deposit bonus is $5,000.

4.Each client can only apply once a month (in case of special circumstances, our customer service centre can be contacted via email: support@mhmarkets.com, and the application must be submitted within 2 working days from the deposit date to receive the bonus (multiple deposits on the same day can be combined as one application).

5.The deposit bonus is valid for 60 days from the date of the last deposit bonus. Overdue bonuses that do not meet the withdrawal criteria will be automatically cancelled.

6.At the time of withdrawal submission, the deposit bonus will be fully deducted when the actual lot size does not meet the required lot size of the deposit bonus.

7.In case of abnormal transactions (including but not limited to instant orders, hedging, delay arbitrage, push orders, etc.) in the trading account applying for a deposit bonus, all abnormal trading income (including profit, commission, etc.) will be deducted, and the given deposit bonus will be recovered.

8.MHMarkets reserves the right to amend, suspend, and terminate this activity and related terms and conditions and reserves the right of final interpretation of this activity.