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MHMarkets 2022-06-01

MHMarkets uses cookies and web beacons (also known as web behavior tags or single-pixel GIF images), and other technologies (collectively referred to as cookies), to obtain available data to improve your user experience and help MHMarkets understand you better. Cookies are small text files that are sent by a web server and may be stored on your computer. Through cookies, MHMarkets can learn how you visit the MHMarkets website, the time you visit the website, the pages you visit, and recognize that you have logged in when MHMarkets receives a page access request from your web browser. MHMarkets may point the information stored in the cookie to the personally identifiable information you submit on the MHMarkets website. MHMarkets will never disclose this information to any third party. Cookies can be read by MHMarkets and do not contain any personal information, nor any account or password information. MHMarkets cannot and will not collect your browsing information on other websites.

MHMarkets may share the information of users visiting MHMarkets website with advertising companies with good reputation for the purpose of Internet advertising targeting. The information shared cannot be used for personal identification. MHMarkets may also use third-party software to track and analyze access and traffic data, including page requests, form requests and click paths, and such tracking may set cookies on behalf of MHMarkets.

All web browsers allow you to block cookies. If your web browser is set to allow cookies, you agree to MHMarkets' use of cookies in the manner described above. If you choose to block cookies, you can still use MHMarkets' services, but some features may not work as originally designed.