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Privacy Statement Changes and Opt-Outs

MHMarkets 2022-06-01

Once MHMARKETS substantially changes the content of this privacy statement, the revised privacy statement will be posted on the website immediately. By opening an account with MHMARKETS, you agree that the electronic notice of revision of the Privacy Statement posted on the website is the actual notice.

In some cases, such as MHMARKETS sharing your personal information with unaffiliated third parties, you can contact MHMARKETS through the contact information below to inform MHMARKETS that you wish to “opt out”. For joint accounts, the opt-out decision of one of the account holders may apply to all holders of the joint account. If you hold multiple accounts with MHMARKETS, you must submit a separate withdrawal request for each account.

Any disputes arising from the Privacy Statement must be governed by this notice and MHMARKETS’s Client Agreement. If you have any other questions not mentioned in this statement, please contact the client service representative of MHMARKETS.

Global toll-free customer service number: +852 5226 7054.

Email: support@MHMarkets.com